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開発: Kathy Zhao
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Teethcare is a smart sonic toothbrush app that helps you form a better teeth-brush habit.
Deep Sonic Cleaning
The smart toothbrush is equipped with 5 different modes and with sonic action up to 40000 brush strokes per minute, which drives fluid between the teeth, effectively clean every surface, even between the teeth and along the gumline, for a difference you can see and feel.
Total 16 Areas Track Guidance
Teethcare can track 16 areas of your real-time toothbrush and give a report accordingly on a daily basis. Then you will know which area you brushed and which area you haven’t and need to improve next time.
Offline Data Storage
You can even the toothbrush office and when connect to the app, it will synchronize the duration of your toothbrush and give you suggestion as well.
History Data Monitor
You can check your teeth brush habit on a daily, weekly and monthly basic, including total brushing time, duration and frequency etc…
Reminder Bristles Fade for Brush Head Replacement
It is suggested by doctors that the brush head should be changed in every 3 month. Teethbrush has a smart counter for the using time and date for you to change the brush head, improve your overall oral hygiene

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