S3 Stroke Survivor Patient Care

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iconS3 Stroke Survivor Patient Care

開発: デベロッパ:Melvyn Weibin
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This is an application developed for S3 (Stroke Support Station) by Dr. Melvyn WB Zhang, Dr. Roger CM Ho & Dr. Leonard Yeo.
The aim of this application is to:

1. Encourage compliance to stroke medications and other chronic disease medications using a visual pill tracker
2. Encourage stroke survivors who are on Warfarin to log down their INR levels to facilitate monitoring
3. Provide Stroke Survivors with core information they need to know about medications and interactions of medications with other drugs
4. Provide Stroke Survivors with tips on daily-living and rehabilitation
5. Provide Stroke Survivors with access to Mindfulness exercises to help them adjust to their conditions
6. Provide them with a mood tracker to help them keep track of their daily mood
7. Provide them with validated Questionnaire to help them monitor their psychological well-being
8. Provide them with resources about how to seek help (from S3 and other organisations)
9. Provide them with immediate access to contact numbers of their family members and loved ones

Disclosures: Nil. There are no profits obtained from this app development.
Some of the contents in the application has been referenced from NHG “All you need to know about Stroke”. The contents included have been vetted by Dr. Leonard Yeo, Consultant Neurologist, NUHS and the Chinese translation have been done by Dr. John Ying.

Disclaimer: The contents enclosed within this application are provided for general informational purposes only and are not a substitute for any professional medical advice. The user of this application should not use the information in the application for diagnosing or treating any medical or health condition, especially if he/she is contemplating suicide or harming oneself or others. We strongly advise that the user consult a qualified medical practitioner and /or healthcare professional at any restructured hospital or psychiatric hospitals if the user suspects that he/she has a medical or health condition or have underlying suicidal tendencies. Whilst due care is taken with regards to the content of the application, the information contained within the application may contain technical, factual or other inaccuracies and typographical errors for which the developers shall not be responsible. In addition, the developers, shall not be responsible and liable for any of the inaccuracies or errors, nor for any loss, damage, injury or death arising from the same of from reliance placed on the application

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