PRAM Score – Pediatric Asthma

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iconPRAM Score – Pediatric Asthma

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The Pediatric Respiratory Assessment Measure (PRAM) is a 12-point scoring system to objectively assess asthma severity and response to treatment in an acute care setting. Valid for use in patients 1 – 17 years of age, the PRAM score is used by many clinical pathways that guide health professionals in the acute assessment and management of asthmatic exacerbations in children and youth. Asthma severity is categorized by the following PRAM scores: Mild (0-3), Moderate (4-7) or Severe (8-12).

This PRAM app quickly calculates a PRAM score based on 5 clinical findings (oxygen saturation, suprasternal retractions, scalene muscle use, air entry and wheezing). The corresponding asthma severity and specific management is then provided, based on the Ontario Lung Association’s Pediatric Emergency Department Asthma Clinical Pathway.

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