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開発: Androworks
価格: 無料
リリース: 2013年7月15日
[医療 ]



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Asthma Logger is an application for mobile phones with Android which can help you to keep record of your asthma difficulties and thus give your allergist more information.

I am asthmatic and I visit an allergist since childhood. Each visit starts with the same question:

"How have you been?"

I never know what to answer because my memory is short.

I needed a way to easily remember my difficulties and this is exactly what Asthma Logger does. With help of Asthma Logger application I can give my allergist new information which she can use to choose right treatment.

The application allows to log two event types:

How are you today – choosing one of options "perfect", "not bad", "bad".
SOS spray application – each time you apply an SOS spray (Ventolin, Berodual, ..) you log it.

Logged data are available for browsing or generating a medical PDF report and send it to your doctor.

Correct functioning and sense of the application depends on how responsibly are you logging the events. Asthma Logger was designed to make the logging as easy and simple as possible.

Asthma Logger is available for mobile phones with Android 2.1 and above.