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| 2017年5月17日 水曜日

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My Cancer Coach is a free mobile app developed in partnership with, Men’s Health Network, and Fight Colorectal Cancer. The app provides specific information about personalized cancer treatments to help manage your cancer’s progression. It’s like having ‘Cancer 101’ in your pocket! Questions about your stage of cancer? Should you get surgery? Is radiation necessary? Do you need chemotherapy? Is your cancer metastatic? My Cancer Coach provides easy-to-understand treatment information for breast, prostate, and colon cancer patients and their caregivers.
– Questionnaire and personalized treatment report
– Questions to ask your doctor
– Videos and other helpful resources such as links to patient advocacy websites
– Easy-to-update journal with photo and audio-recording entry options
– Calendar to help keep track of doctor appointments, support group meetings, and other important dates
– Glossary of common terms

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