COPD Diary Card

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iconCOPD Diary Card

開発: Gavin Donaldson
価格: 無料
リリース: 2012年5月13日
[ 医療 ]



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The COPD Diary card App has been developed to meet the need for a cheap method of recording symptoms and treatment from patients with COPD.

The LONDON COPD study has used paper diary cards for over
15 years to record daily peak expiratory flow rate and respiratory symptoms, with the aim of identifying exacerbations of COPD. This work has received international recognition but patients may retrospectively fill in the diary cards. I have developed this App because commerical tele-monitoring systems are very expensive and I thought there should be a cheaper way.

This Apps is free for individuals and academic researcher to try, and I would welcome any feedback.

I intend to produce a cheap "paid for" version for clinical trials and community nurses, with time stamped data, greater control over when data can be entered, on-line SQL database, and splash-screen.