Nutrition Asthma&COPD

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開発: Built by Doctors World Lda
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リリース: 2016年11月16日
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The Nutrition Asthma&COPD helps the patients to self-manage Asthma&COPD trough nutrition, using interactive tools. This app gives the patient important information regarding the most common doubts about nutrition for patients with this condition in an understandable way. This app also allows the patient to know how many calories should be eating in order to maintain the weight. Another amazing functionality of this app is a food dairy where the patient can record the food eaten. The patient can then show these records to the doctor and together improve the patient’s quality of life.

Besides, the user can test its knowledge regarding Asthma&COPD and nutrition in an amusing way through a little and fun quiz.

Some information provided may not be valid for residents of other countries due to variations in medical practice and drug approval and indications.

This patient education application provides patients and Health Care Practitioners with easy to access information on Asthma&COPD management.