sFilter- Blue Light Filter Pro

視力 | 2016年9月15日 木曜日

icon sFilter- Blue Light Filter Pro

開発: Siso Mobile
価格: ¥180
リリース: 2016年9月9日
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Please protect your precious eyes!

This is a PRO version with more functions for "Blue Light Screen Filter"!

Blue Light Screen Filter function.
When adjusting the screen dimmer automatically apply blue light filter.

Blue Light Screen Filter is faster speed because essential function only put.
low memory consumption and battery consumption.
Blue Light Screen Filter without ad.

■ Key Function
– Blocking the blue light that reduces eye fatigue
– Blue Light Screen Filter adjustment function
– 12 kinds of colors to choose from an optimized filter
– quickly change the filter settings in the status bar
– With the widget, while the game features a simple filter function to On, Off available
– Widget icon resizing and Alpha adjustment
– Move freely moveable widgets functionality
– The filter can be executed at a specified time using the scheduling feature
– Screen filter adjustment limit function.
– Widget include Blue Light Filter on or Blue Light Filter off.
– All Process Exit function – Filter Off and Memory Clear
– All functions available to choose whether or not to use
– Shortcut creation function
– Filter opacity adjust unit setting Function

■ Features
– without ads so it will not use the extra memory and batteries.
– Low memory consumption is Blue Light Screen Filter
– Low battery consumption because essential function only put
– By adjusting the screen dimmer reduces battery consumption.

■ blue light filter
– blue light blocked causing sleep disorders and blurred vision
– I used the natural color of the filter that reduces eye fatigue.
– You can select a filter of 12 colors and adjust the dimmer of the screen.