Migraine – Triggers and Diary

頭痛 | 2017年5月17日 水曜日

iconMigraine – Triggers and Diary

開発: デベロッパ:Stefan Roobol
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リリース: リリース: 2017年2月8日



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A Migraine Diary is a simple but effective way of managing your migraine.
It can help you to establish certain patterns in your attacks.

Your attacks may be triggered by a certain combination of trigger factors, like when you miss a meal and/or experience stress. Either factor on their own may not be enough to trigger an attack, but when combined they do.

This App is an easy way to keep track of your migraine attacks and headaches – with an easy to use and a clean simple design.
It’s simple to insert a new record where you can add new triggers, medications and/or locations without typing a word.

The app provides an easy to read summary report for users to take appropriate action.
View statistics about your headaches like how many have been recorded (in total, this month & last month), how many “migraine free” days since your last migraine attack, the average pain score, average duration & the most common pain areas, triggers and medication.

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