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頭痛 | 2017年5月17日 水曜日

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開発: SoonVis Productions
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リリース: 2017年4月28日
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This Headache relief application is all about keeping record of your headaches and migraines. With each headache and migraines you can record how severe the headache was and when it happened/ ended, as well as what type of headache, locations of the headache pain, effects of headache on life, possible causes of headache, any medications taken and if they provided relief. This diary app also has detailed reports along with graphs with option to share with your healthcare provider.

Interesting feature is to add your own medicines, add effects of headaches / migraines on your life, add possible causes and add location of headaches / migraines, take automated headache evaluation/test. Manage My Headache app also provides treatment feature to take appropriate action against headache, to get rid of a headache.

Headache Relief App also keeps track of sinus headache, cluster headache, tension headache, migraine headache and many more.

Pro features of Manage My Headache Diary include detailed report based on automated headache test and treatment of headaches with Binaural mix of Delta Brain Waves based on Dr. Leonard Horowitz's healing frequency.


☆ Record ongoing and past headaches / migraines
☆ Keep track of Date, Time and Duration of Headaches, Pain Level, Headache Types, Effect of Headache, Causes, Medication Taken, Headache Location
☆ Notes about headaches to keep track of food, mood, detail for assistance of doctor
☆ Acts like a migraine journal that helps to identify migraine triggers like stress, lack of sleep, menstruation etc
☆ Option to add new medicines, effects on headaches, possible cause, location of headache
☆ Headache Log History by Date
☆ Animated Summary Graphs: Pain Level vs Dates


☆ Automated Headache Evaluation Test (Yes or No)
☆ Quick way to skip test and resume at a later time
☆ Test History by Date
☆ Headache Short Summary Report
☆ Detailed Test results
☆ Tests time line history with 1st, 2nd and 3rd dominant symptoms of headaches
☆ Animated graph of dominant symptoms of headaches based on the test result
☆ Brain waves treatment based on Dr. Leonard Horowitz's healing frequency
☆ Detailed Reports in PDF that can be shared with your doctors
☆ Free of Ads in Headache Log

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Manage My Headache is best application with advanced reporting features. Download Manage My Headache and start living a happier and healthier life today!