Dyslipidemia- An Overview

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iconDyslipidemia- An Overview

開発: Focus Medica India Pvt. Ltd
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リリース: 2014年5月5日
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The Dyslipidemia App – helps in understanding the disease condition through ANIMATED VIDEOS. This animation focuses on the causes of dyslipidemia such as elevation of plasma, cholesterol and triglycerides or a low HDL level, its complications, and explores appropriate lifestyle changes and treatment options.

Editor: Lars A. Carlson MD, FRCP, Emeritus Research Professor at Karolinska Institutet and Director of the Lipid and Hypertension Clinic at Sophiahemmet, Stockhlom.

App features
• Pay once and download videos at your ease!
• View downloaded videos without internet

Additional features include:
– Drawing on the video for explanations
– Capture images with mailing option
– Option to make user notes and save
– Transcript with links for additional references

DISCLAIMER: The information provided through these applications are only intended to be informative and should not be construed as a substitute for medical advice.