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開発: Paweł Nadolski
価格: 無料
リリース: 2013年9月15日
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*** please contact me by email, to report issues ***

Alcohol Calculator estimates blood alcohol content (BAC) in promilles.

After adding alcoholic drinks and time when they were finished drinking it displays concentration of the alcohol in the blood, time when the level drops to allowable by law for driving and time when one is sober. You can set allowable level by country.

Set your weight and sex in the settings (as well as other preferences) and add drinks including time when they were finished drinking. Now you can also provide drinking duration (first tap on the button marks start of drinking, second allows to choose a drink after finishing it).

Application allows using metric units as well as those used in US or UK. It includes intoxication thresholds for many countries.

Other features:
– up to three days of drinking history
– Current as well as maximum blood alcohol content may be displayed.
– adding drinks from predefined list (now you can manage the list and display it with one tap – one tap if drinking is started or long tap always)
– selecting volume and percentage from predefined list
– long press on drop down while creating drink to edit value
– there is a profile setting for metabolism speed

Note that the application tries to give as much accurate result as possible, but it can't guarantee any accuracy. To be sure of your real BAC use breathalyser.

Please email me your comments, bug reports or any other doubts about how the program works! Thank you for using the app!

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