Ferdy – Ovulation Calculator & Fertility Tracker

美容 | 2017年9月14日 木曜日

iconFerdy – Ovulation Calculator & Fertility Tracker

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The SIMPLEST, the most ACCURATE and TRUSTED period tracker app for women. Conceive FAST with Ferdy!

Ferdy predicts your Fertile Days and Ovulation, tracks your menstrual cycles, detects your best time to conceive and notifies you before Fertile window, Ovulation Day and periods.

We use cutting edge fertility and ovulation calculation algorithms based on reliable scientific researches. Fertility calculation is based on your cycle and period data. Ferdy will forecast your personal fertility window and notify you to get ready.

Enter your periods, make love during fertile days and get pregnant.

Key Features are:
– Simplicity: we do not collect excessive information to sell you to big companies
– Reliability: data-driven period prediction based on scientific researches and your data
– Intuitive period log
– Intelligent Reminders
– Ovulation calculator
– Fertility calendar
– Sex logging

The application works for women with regular and irregular menstrual cycles. Forecast your fertility using the ovulation calculator!

Created by experts to help you get pregnant.

Customer service:
At AppsYouLove we’re always working to improve your experience with our products. Have feedback or an idea? Email us at BabyBeatsSTeam@gmail.com