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開発: 開発: Mark Patrick Media
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The Dash Diet Foods Checker App has become a “Must Have” for anyone following this diet…

If you’re looking to follow The Dash Diet it can be one of the most difficult situations. Not knowing what you can and can’t eat. It’s enough to make your head spin! This app was designed to make your life a little bit easier. Dash Diet Foods Checker, the PERFECT iPhone app for beginners, it helps remove all of the questions about what you should and shouldn’t eat while trying to follow The Dash Diet.

Just browse our database of Dash Diet Foods, separated by category, so you know what to buy when you’re at the grocery store. You can even add foods to your favorite list for easy reference.

-Beer & Alcohol
-Condiments & Dressings
-Fish & Shellfish
-Grains & Flours
-Herbs & Seasonings
-Legumes & Beans
-Live Cultures (Yogurt)
-Meats & Poultry
-Milk & Dairy Products
-Nuts & Seeds
-Oils & Butters
-Sugars & Sweeteners

Please help us make this app the best it can possibly be. If there are particular foods or features you’d like to see added, email it to us along with a picture of it at iphone@markpatrickmedia.com and we will add it with updates. And if you want we will even give you credit for it by mentioning your name with the foods!!!

Simple Design functions flawlessly…

Another great app from Addictive Apps™!

See for yourself why Dash Diet Foods is simply the perfect app available for your iPhone. Try Dash Diet Foods Checker TODAY!