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iconDiet Point · Weight Loss

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Take control of your weight with the Most Effective Diets and lose 10 pounds in 10 days.
Join 5 million users worldwide that have used this app to lose weight.
HEALTH.COM Success story: “Diet Point app made possible a life-altering 42-pounds slim down” – Cynthia
DietPoint is the largest collection of complete weight loss diet plans that are easy to follow. Meal reminders and Shopping list helps you fight against extra weight.

Diet Point
• It takes the guesswork out of dieting
• PRO users can choose from more than 100 diet plans in 14 different categories
• It will remind you when it’s time for your next meal to help you stay on track
• It gives you a complete shopping list for each plan
• It sends you daily tips to improve your diet
• It estimates your weight-loss based on your physical characteristics

“Wonderful app. It really works. I lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks. Awesome.” – Nina
“I love it! So many delicious diets that doesn’t even feel that I am on a diet. ” – Jenny
“This app is awesome, it even generates a shopping list for me.” – Blanka
“I have used many programs for weight loss and it was the best and easiest program to
track!” – Latisha
“Love it, so easy to follow! Takes the thinking out of dieting.” – Mark
“Lost 7lbs in one week. Fantastic app, really works. Great diet choices!” – Stay-At-Home Mom

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