Smart UpItPro for SmartWatch 2

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iconSmart UpItPro for SmartWatch 2

開発: Mountain Edge Inc
価格: ¥101
リリース: 2014年6月18日
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Jawbone® UP and UP24 Android Widget with Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2

Now you can have a SmartWatch 2 watchface with UP/UP24 data shown using this widget. Your SmartWatch 2 acts like a mini dashboard for your UP/UP24!

Smart UPIt Pro widget is built on top of our popular UPIt Pro widget. You have all the widgets on your Home screen plus now you can have a SONY SmartWatch 2 to display your Jawbone UP/UP24 progress.

The ultimate widget for Jawbone® UP/UP24 android users to keep track of progress in the Home screen and in the SONY SmartWatch 2. We own ourselves the Jawbone gadgets (eg. UP and UP24 ) and SONY SmartWatch 2. UpIt-Pro Widget is helping us to monitor our progress and activities with ease in both Android Home screen and SmartWatch 2 simultaneously.

On Android Home screen:
– MOVES (graph, steps, distance, longest idle, resting burn, inactive time, resting burn day, workout longest, workout active time, workout time, workout calories)
– SLEEPS (total slept, graph, light sleep, deep sleep, fell asleep in, in bed for, awake for, woke up, sleep quality, alarm fired, body, REM, mind, segments)
– MEALS (total items, calories, fiber, Unsaturated fat, other carbs, protein, sugar, saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, polyunsaturated fat, fat, monounsaturated fat, potassium)

On SONY SmartWatch 2:
– UP Moves dashboard
– UP Sleeps dashboard
– UP Meals dashboard
– UP Active Burn
– UP Active Time
– UP Awake For
– UP Calories
– UP Carbohydrate
– UP Cholesterol
– UP Distance
– UP Fell Asleep In
– UP Fiber
– UP In Bed For
– UP Light Sleep
– UP Longest Active
– UP Longest Idle
– UP Move %
– UP Protein
– UP Rest Burn
– UP Saturated Fat
– UP Sleep %
– UP Sodium
– UP Sound Sleep
– UP Steps
– UP Sugar
– UP Total Burn
– UP Total Step
– UP Unsaturated Fat
– UP Woke Up

Note for Bluetooth wireless sync: Jawbone released the UP24 support for Android. (Mar 11, 2014)

Installation setup:
Smart UpIt Pro is a set of widgets. You will find the widgets under App/Widget tray after installing from Google Play. (tap on "App" button from Home screen and select 'WIDGETS' tab). Drag & drop one of Smart UpIt Pro widgets onto the Home screen will initiate the installation process. Please follow the instruction.

Once linked, then your UP/UP24 data is available for your SONY SmartWatch 2. The widgets are extension for SmartWatch 2. Please install SONY SmartConnect from Google Play Store.

– We recommend to have a good internet data connection at initial setup. Smart UpIt-Pro Widget may experience timeout due to poor connection and results to an incomplete setup. If happens, then uninstall the Smart UpIt-Pro Widget from Settings->Apps and wait few minutes before download the widget from Google Play.

Note: Some Android device manufactures modify the Home Screen so the widget tray may be hidden and hard to find. Please consult your device's user guide for widgets.

Note: If you don't see the Smart UPIt widget after installation, please uninstall and reinstall again. Some devices, most notably Samsung devices, fail to register the Smart UPIt widget at the first time. It needs to be reinstalled to recognize the widgets.

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*** Only compatible with SONY SmartWatch 2
Liveware extension for SmartWatch 2
Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2