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開発: CircleCare, Inc
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リリース: 2017年12月24日
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Motivate friends and family to stay healthy

▌Healthy Living – Show appreciation for following medicine schedules, celebrate regular blood pressure monitoring, use the family motivation as a reminder to check your vitals – blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate.
▌Weight Loss – Inspire to walk off the extra weight by setting a daily steps goal and encourage to achieve it with daily step ranking competition and celebrate walking milestones with an achievement badge.
▌Diabetes and Hypertension Management – Get timely medication reminder, Keep regular logs of blood pressure and blood sugar readings and monitor them regularly.
▌Build a support network – A closed circle where people care about each other, know what’s going on in everyone’s life, and can even send notifications or ask for updates.
▌Appreciate – give a badge to celebrate accomplishments or to acknowledge efforts for achieving health goals.

CircleCare – Build a health and wellness support network

Build a health and wellness support network with friends and family where everyone can motivate each other to achieve their health goals. CircleCare brings the power of smartphones and social networking to make families feel like they are living under one roof.

Motivate friends and family to follow healthy lifestyle

► A private & secure health and wellness support network to keep each other motivated and inspired to healthy living – appreciate, love and take care of each other. Share every precious life moment with pictures, videos and badges! Stay updated with what’s going on each other’s lives! No need to be hesitant in what you say and what you share – it's a circle of your friends and family!

► Give positive reinforcement by celebrating the walking distance milestones and by offering encouragement to overcome the obstacles

► Motivate your entire family to walk & lose weight through friendly competition.

► Give positive reinforcement to achieve health goals by celebrating the milestones and by offering encouragement to overcome the obstacles to wellness.

►Send personalized badges to inspire and appreciate your loved ones healthy life choices.

► Any data, including pictures within CircleCare are encrypted with the user's own encryption keys – No one outside of your circle will have access or be able to view them.


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