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開発: RieboSoft
価格: 無料
リリース: 2011年5月16日
[ 健康&フィットネス ]



合計: 265 件


Drinking enough water each day can be a challenge, but it's critical to a properly functioning body. Adequate water intake prevents dehydration, cleanses body, and promotes healing. Anyone who has experienced a kidney stone knows the importance of drinking enough water without question.

WaterLog helps keep track of your daily water intake. Drinks can be logged with a single tap of a button with configurable preset container amounts. A custom amount can also be added quickly, without changing the presets. The main screen of WaterLog displays daily progress and the amount of elapsed time since the last drink entry. A history screen is provided to review the days drink entries and delete any mistakes.

The goal of this application is to provide a fast and easy way to log every glass of water and review progress against a daily goal.