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Maximize weight loss & gain muscle at the same time with the magic of the Bodybuilding Diet used by successful bodybuilders, fitness models, figure, and bikini athletes worldwide.
– what to eat for every meal broken into carbs, protein, and fat
– when to eat (suppresses hunger by knowing exactly when to eat each meal)
– cardio plan for maximum fat-burning and weight lifting program with 100 exercises planned out
– exact serving size calculated for each food to meet your carb, fat, and protein goals (e.g. 30g protein=4oz chicken)
– measurements (oz, grams, lbs, cups) for foods cooked or uncooked
– journals and saves every meal accessible & synced with all devices
– share your fitness goals and progress online community via facebook

The Bodybuilding Diet App takes the guesswork out of managing a diet to help you achieve your fitness goals! Anyone who has a champion physique will tell you the same thing, “it’s 90% diet, 10% working out”. — The Bodybuilding Diet App is developed with a Pro Natural Bodybuilder & Pro Natural Figure athlete.
– This App will take your through the steps of managing your Bodybuilding Diet. **In addition** there is a fully supported website: which has additional FAQs and info to help you reach your goal!
Please give the app a rating and send us any comments to improve it. Thank you!

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