Kettlebell F.I.T.

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You’ve seen it, but had no idea what to do with it! Now you can get an incredible workout, right here. Let the experts from Kettlebell F.I.T. show you how to trim fat, improve overall strength and get functionally fit using a Kettlebell, the ultimate training tool.

Whether it’s your first experience or you’re a hardcore Kettlebell enthusiast looking for a challenge, Kettlebell F.I.T. has the program for you.

NIKE Elite Fitness Athlete and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Patrick Goudeau, guides you through a progressive program designed by NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Expert Matthew Mosebar. Kettlebell F.I.T. guarantees you will achieve results quickly, safely, and effectively!

Each day includes several dynamic, multi-joint exercises designed to deliver a challenging workout, no matter your skill level. Each of the over 225 exercises include a video you can view DURING YOUR WORKOUT, making it easy to correct your form and technique.


• 4 skill levels designed for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and “F.I.T.” exercisers.

• 3 workout time frames to choose from! Whether you have 15-minutes for a workout or if you’re ready to tackle a full 45-minute program, Kettlebell F.I.T. ensures you will walk away feeling great.
• Includes over 225 unique Kettlebell exercises. Each one includes video, coaching points and audio guidance.

• You only need 1 Kettlebell! But if you happen to have 2, or even a full set, your workout is completely customizable.
• lolo’s beat-sync technology perfectly matches the tempo of your music to your workout.

• Completely interactive. Swap out exercises to personalize your workouts. Increase or decreases the intensity at anytime and your trainer Patrick, along with your music will respond!


While other trainers mix in a few kettlebell exercises into their programming, Patrick and and his Kettlebell F.I.T. partner, Matthew, actually train many of their private clients exclusively with Kettlebells. They have developed hundreds of Kettlebell exercises and they are now available to you. Matthew is certified by the NSCA-National Strength and Conditioning Association, played Division I collegiate football, and has worked with numerous professional athletes and celebrities from across the nation. Patrick is a NIKE Elite Fitness Athlete, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, the star of 26 highly acclaimed workout DVD’s and has worked with many high-end celebrity clients. Together, they have a combined 30+ years experience in the health and fitness industry.


Kettlebell training is one of the most complete workouts available today. This dynamic piece of equipment will boost cardiovascular endurance, increase flexibility/range of motion and develop lean muscle tissue to help boost your metabolism. The Kettlebell F.I.T. Program will help you lose fat, improve overall strength and endurance and improve your functional fitness. Basically, you’re building a better you! Plus, you’ll do it faster than you could’ve imagined with these multi-joint, dynamic workouts.


Patrick Goudeau and Matthew Mosebar, co-founders of Kettlebell F.I.T., have trained and taught thousands of people and they know how to safely and effectively guide you towards your fitness goals. Whether you’re a first time exerciser or a hardcore fitness enthusiast looking for a challenge, Kettlebell F.I.T. has the right program for you. Plus Kettlebell F.I.T. gives you control! Change the workout to match your equipment or simply pick your favorite exercises. You can even turn the intensity down when you’re struggling or crank it up when you’re ready for more. Kettlebell F.I.T. adjusts your workout — and your music — whenever YOU want.

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