Yoga for Slim Waist (PRO)

運動 | 2013年12月28日 土曜日

iconYoga for Slim Waist (PRO)

開発: DailyYoga Inc.
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リリース: 2013年12月17日
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This is a PRO plugin of 'Daily Yoga (All-in-One)', and requires subscription fee to unlock it.

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This session is for users who want to fight belly fat and get a slim waist. Unlike the abs sculpting ones of Pilates style, Sophie's design is based on traditional asanas of comparatively high intensity, which are directly targeting the midsection for fat loss.

To gain a curved waist, one needs to work hard on combating the disturbing visceral fat, i.e. the fat stored in the abdominal cavity which pads the spaces between our abs organs. Unhealthy eating habits without regular exercises bring excess fat to the body. From this session, you are to experience a rational arrangement of elements focused on slimming down your waist.

– Core Builders to strengthen abs muscles – Holding in Boat, staying in balance, doing circling and so on, all those effective core builders play an important role in the drill.
– Core Stretches for a slim waist line – Various side bends and back bends are employed to lengthen the core muscles and sculpt your whole torso.
– Yoga Twists for improved digestion – Everyone knows that good metabolism is key to battling bulge, doing twist helps stimulating the organs in your abs region, and in this case you are to better digest and detoxify your body.

Commit to this session on a regular basis but never forget to change your diet into a healthier one rich in fruits and vegetables, as to reduce calories intake and get yoga combined with other aerobic exercises will be the best way in fighting against abs obesity.