Pedometer GPS Sport

運動 | 2014年6月4日 水曜日

iconPedometer GPS Sport

開発: Juan Francisco
価格: 無料
リリース: 2014年5月23日
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合計: 279 件


Pedometer GPS Sport is a lightweight and easy-to-handle, for hiking, running or biking.

You can use either the metric or imperial system, has a low resource consumption makes the battery last longer. In addition it also works in the background, allowing data to continue to acquire for example during a call or while running another application.

Save routes on the SD card, and every time a route is continuous, draw it in a different color, allowing for example to differentiate the way for the return.


– Current speed, average and maximum
– Distance traveled.
– Total time, in motion and stationary.
– Processing time per mile, depending on the current, average and maximum speed.
– Altitude.
– Normal map view, satellite, hybrid, and terrain, and 3D (PRO version only)

And share your email routes, screen capture, or exporting your routes to GPX (OpenStreetMap) and KML (Google Earth).

It also boasts a handy calculator to find the BMI and find out if your weight is appropriate.