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開発: Ifor Powell
価格: ¥599
リリース: 2013年8月7日
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Key program to unlock IpBike.

IpBike has a 1000000 wheel revolution limit or equivalent if in Gps mode rather than using wheel sensors. IpBikeKey unlocks the wheel revolution limit. Try out IpBike then just install IpBikeKey and keep on using IpBike as before.

IpBike is an app to turn your android phone into a fully functional bike computer ideal for mounting on the bars of your bike. It can also be used as an exercise data logger for none biking activities so you can record all your training in one place. Includes interval timer with customization training sessions. Direct upload support for RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks, Sporttracks.mobi, Attackpoint, trainingstagebuch.org and OpenFitApi bsed sites. Direct email based upload for sites like Strava, ridewithgps and mapmytracks. Other sites supported by exporting .gpx or .tcx ride files you can automate this process by using things like the DropBox app.

Realtime update with RunKeeper Live.

Primarily designed to be used with ANT+™ sensors as well as GPS based speed and distance where sensors are not available. Where available it will use your phones pressure sensor to give high quality altitude data. e.g. on Xperia Active, Xperia Go, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note Galaxy Note II Galaxy S III, Xperia Z.

This product is ANT+ certified and complies with the following ANT+ device profiles:

Bicycle speed
Bicycle cadence
Bicycle combined speed and cadence
Bicycle power (v3.0 support added)
Heart rate

Beta (not yet certified) support for.
Stride based speed and distance. (footpod)
Environment. (Garmin Tempe)

Other sensors

Barometric pressure to enhance altitude, on Xperia Active, Xperia Go, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and Note II and Galaxy S III

Information categorized for.

Grand totals
Bike totals
Ride totals
Lap totals

While Riding information.

Current Speed or Pace
Current Cadence
Current Heart Rate
Current Power
Current Temperature
Max Speed
Max Cadence
Max Heart Rate
Max Power
Max Temperature
Min Temperature
Avg. Speed
Avg. Cadence
Avg. Heart rate
Avg. Power
Avg. Temperature
Recent Avg. Cadence
Recent Avg. Heart Rate
Recent Avg. Power
Moving Avg. speed
5s Avg. Power
30s Avg. Power
Normalized Power
Power Balance
Torque Effectiveness
Pedal Smoothness
Total time
Moving time
Pedalling %
Ride Avg. incline
Total Ascent
Total Descent
Current Altitude
Current rate of climb
Current Incline
Max Temperature last 24 hours
Min Temperature last 24 hours

Post Ride information.

Max Speed
Max Cadence
Max Heart Rate
Max Power
Max Temperature
Min Temperature
Avg. Speed
Avg. Cadence
Avg. Heart rate
Avg. Power
Avg. Temperature
Moving Avg. speed.
Total time
Moving time
Pedalling %
Ride Avg.(rms) incline
Total Ascent
Total Descent
Normalized Power
Avg. Power Balance
Avg. Torque Effectiveness
Avg. Pedal Smoothness
Times in zones for HR
Times in zones for Power

Save and Send file types.

.png from plot.

Graphical plot during ride and post ride features.

Time or Distance X axis.
Rate of climb

.png images from plot can be sent to other apps.

Ride Map

pan and zoom
position lock
auto rotate
ride history
.fit .gpx or .kml route to follow
Google map or satellite view
OSM data including cycling specific map view
OSM offline with Mobile Atlas Creator
OSM Vector offline .map files

Workout interval timer.

Multi step workouts can be designed with time, distance, heart rate or power based durations. Targets can be power, cadence, heart rate or speed based. Repetitions can be counts or till time or distance targets. Support for FIT workout format file import and export. Feedback on target and progress.

IpBike uses IpSensorMan to provide access to ANT+ sensors. If you have a compatible phone and do not have IpSensorMan installed you will be prompted to install it. You can use an ANT USB Stick if your phone supports USB host mode.