HIIT & Tabata Timer

運動 | 2014年10月21日 火曜日

iconHIIT & Tabata Timer

開発: 開発: DenciSoft s.r.o.
価格: ¥300
リリース: 更新: 2013年12月3日



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HIIT & Tabata timer is simple but very flexible timer used for high intensity interval training. It meets the needs of amateurs as well as professionals. User interface is designed to be clear and readable from distance. Each timer has required work and rest intervals and optional prepare and cooldown intervals. For notification can be used vibrations, sounds and also text to speech voice. No more looking at the screen to know the current interval. Each inteval has configurable title, duration, background color and music. Music can be set also for whole timer. For better clarity timers are organised into groups.


– Timer sounds: last 3 seconds, every second, interval end and timer finish.
– Timer vibrations: last 3 seconds, interval end and timer finish.
– Timer text to speech voice: interval name and duration at beginning of interval, counting down for last 3 seconds, timer finish
– Timer music (playlist, album or song)
– Timer has work and rest and optional prepare and cooldown intervals
– Screen for running timer can be locked.
– Timers can be organized into groups
– Configurable durations for all intervals
– Configurable names for all intervals
– Configurable background colors for all intervals
– Configurable music for all intervals
– Runs and plays music on background
– Supports portrait and landdscape modes
– Universal app, works on iPhone and iPad
– Max interval duration is 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds
– Max number of sets is 999