Easy Gym Timer PRO

運動 | 2015年2月6日 金曜日

iconEasy Gym Timer PRO

開発: 開発: Peter Gartner
価格: ¥200
リリース: 更新: 2015年1月26日



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Easy, simple and intuitive timer.
Perfect for the Gym, Fitness, intensive training or other situations.

This application was designed by real users using it everyday.

What’s the difference with other gym or repeat timer available on App Store ?

– Set up the time of different phases and repetitions on main screen WITH ONE BUTTON pressure.
– Very intuitive
– Simple design focusing on the timer
– Display only the information you need (time workout, time rest, repetition)
– Big button or large touch zone. Sometimes we have a big thumb or our hands shake after an intensive gym exercise!
– No gadget. At gym we don’t have time to configure complex timer with many gadget features

– Customize your timer with various activity phases
– Workout
– Rest
– Repetition up to 99 times
– Decide if you want display rest time or repeat your routine
– Choose your sound for each end phases
– Choose human voice or sound effect
– Runs when the app is in background with sound
– No ads
– Choose a theme (now 3 colours available and very soon new awesome graphics timers available)

Use our timer for the Gym, fitness, Spinning, Cycling, Intensity training, Break interval………… anywhere, and you will forget all other timers you used before on iPhone.