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運動 | 2015年3月5日 木曜日

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Lose weight, run faster and farther and stay fit with this simple to use app. Follow the coach!
• Provides training plans to help you start running and run better
• Records the GPS of your outdoor activities: running, biking, walking
• Calculates the distance, duration, speed and fat you burnt
• Info in audio, in real time
• Integrates with the iPod music player
• Displays your tracks on maps
• Full and exportable history of your runs
• Hear your heart rate while running with a heart rate belt

– Connects to heart rate monitors from Wahoo Fitness, Runalyzer, Masqott or 60beat

– Only app to provide trainings and programs to progress and prepare for challenges.

– Ideal also for bikers and hikers

321Run helps you run by monitoring your goals : set yourself a distance or duration goal, and your coach will tell you your progress, each km or each mile, every 5 minutes.

The custom trainings will allow you to have precise directions from your coach when you need to run, walk, run fast. For faster trainings, it will tell you when to cool down and when to reach your max speed and heart rate frequency. Trainings come as programs to help you make progress gradually.

An indoor mode allows you to record your perfs on a elliptic bike.

During the run, you may press the screen to know your progress : how long and how far you are, what’s left, double tap to skip the music easily, or you can switch it off to conserve battery. You can activate the frequent HR mode to follow your heart rate in audio.

When you are finished, show you stats on your iPhone’s main screen or check them on your performance screen. You can also export them by email, to trailrunner or to trailmapping.com. Review your history, your progress, total calories, speed and graphs to compare speed, heart rate and altitude. See and browse your pas runs on the full screen map. Export your uns to many services, for example 321Run.com and publish automatically.

This app can still record your runs while in the background mode (not the app on your screen). Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Make sure you stop to record your run if you put 321Run in the background.

This version contains less features than the full app, and you can make an in-app purchase to unlock features.

3,2,1 Run is created by Cyril Godefroy in Lyon, France. Please contact me @ cyril@321run.com if you have issues with the app.