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合計: 22 件 is the ultimate productivity community. Together, we’ve achieved more than 50 million goals.

Every aspect of our app and community is focused on helping you achieve mastery. From day one, we show you your progress, celebrate your milestones, and answer your questions.

As you achieve mastery, you’ll have a chance to prove it by helping other people in the community. As you reach the highest level, you may be invited to become a personal coach yourself.

Coaching is almost illicit in its power. And it is the top performers in the world, people who will do almost anything to achieve their goals, who are most likely to have the services of a coach.

The Williams sisters (tennis), Tiger Woods (golf) and Mozart (music) had great coaching from birth: their fathers. Steve Jobs (CEO) had an executive coach. Tom Brady (American football) has a team of coaches provided by the Patriots and then another team of coaches he hired on his own to watch over his diet, recovery, flexibility, strength, and psychology.

In coaching, more is better.

When it comes to providing coaching services for you, these are the principles we believe in:

#1. Practice compounds.

Warren Buffett calls this the Snowball Effect. If you let a snowball roll downhill, it will gather momentum until it has become an avalanche. is built around turning each of your goals into a regular practice. You’ll track your goals in order to hold yourself accountable to consistency.

#2. Elite performance comes from elite knowledge.

Each goal in is its own community. You have access to Q&A from people who have had the exact same experience as you. Every coach in the system specializes in a handful of specific goals.

#3. Habits come from reinforcement.

We’re applying the principles of positive psychology to constantly reinforce your practices. Reinforcement strengthens your neural pathways leading to habit formation.

All of those things together—the support you get from the app, the support you get from the community, the support you get from our personal coaches—add up steroids for your productivity.

Get started and be part of the community!

In service,
Tony & Erin, Herzog, Alicia, Terrie (the team)