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運動 | 2015年9月7日 月曜日

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開発: Abdullah Radhi
価格: 無料
リリース: 2015年1月4日
[健康&フィットネス ]



合計: 149 件


This is not an official Polar app, and not yet capable of automatically connecting to Polar devices.
Also, this is just away to track your progress, you can use any other devices such as Treadmill to input data.

This Polar Heart Rate watch tracker app, is simple.

Please let me know what features you wanted the most so I can work on them earlier than others
as soon as I have enough time.

This app will allow the user to manually enter the information from the watch into the app
to keep track of your sport activity.

For the time being, the app allows the user to enter the following:
– Date
– Start time ( when the exercise start )
– Activity (sport) name
– Distant
– Duration
– Calories burned
– Average heart rate
– Max heart rate
– Temperature (when working outside)
– Fat burn
– Fitness
– Note

For the time being, the app will allow you to enter multiple sports but the image
for any sport other than Running will not be available, instead the app will display
a man running.

The temperature is just a number regardless of the Celsius symbol, so it can be Fahrenheit
as well.

The app will be updated as I have more free time. I promise 🙂

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