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開発: 開発: CBS (AUST) PTY LTD
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The Beep Test Free – 20 meters

This is the Official Beep Test App for Emergency Service and Military recruitment.

This may also be known by different names such as the Bleep Test, Multi-Stage Fitness Test, VO2 Max Test OR YO-YO Test.

One Thing I want to be clear about, If you are training on the beep test to get into an Emergency Services OR Military career you owe it to yourself to be using the correct application to get there. Even if it’s Sports training, using it at your sports club or having fun with your friends, Know you are using the correct Beep Test There are zero shortcuts with this application. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations

“The Beep Test Free” for iPhone has all the functions you need and for premium features you need to purchase the Beep Test app. You’ll know you have made the right choice.

Don’t forget we have email support and full instructions if you get stuck.

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