Rush – Running & Gym Timer

運動 | 2015年12月21日 月曜日

icon Rush – Running & Gym Timer

開発: Alex Queudot
価格: 無料
リリース: 2014年10月22日
[健康&フィットネス ]



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Rush is the Timer that runs with You, for You.

✓ Optimize your running sessions, fitness and any other workouts.
✓ Customize your countdowns, prepare your rounds and repetitions.
✓ Control your time via pleasant sound alerts. No screen interaction required.
✓ With the best usability, access your timers right when you need it.
✓ Headphones in mind.

Start the timer your way, using the volume keys or your headphones' built-in button.

Rush will notify you with simple sounds when your countdown ends or another one starts.
✓ Fully compatible with media players. Because doing sport without music, wouldn't be the same!
✓ Easy and Ready to use.
Set and customize your timers naturally.
✓ Pure Android Style.
Elegant and Intuitive design.

Focus all your energy on pushing further, Rush will take care of the rest for you.

Do your workouts smart, do it with Rush.