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開発: xstep
価格: 無料
リリース: 2016年7月10日
[健康&フィットネス ]



合計: 372 件


This pedometer help you to record your steps everyday and every minutes.
Effective walk steps(120 steps/min) are introduced by this unique app. Notify you when no movement for 30 minutes.
Help to track your heart rate when you are in jogging. Help you to reach the 10000 steps per day, to keep your overall healthy level, and keep calories burned.

A heart rate monitor using phone's camera also included to help tracking the heart beat rate during your exercises. After calibrate at least for myself the heart beat rate is very accurate after 20 seconds.

This Step Counters is a Android application(Pedometer,Step Counter), which help you record your steps everyday every minutes.
It can working all the time no matter the screen is on/off, and I try my best to reduce the battery usage.
xStep released for about 6 months, and with several bug fix, now it works on majority phones, also I get quite many positive feedback.
It also provide a tracking tool for BMI and baby's height/weight tracking(with line chart). Also these information will be keep online, so you will never lost these information.

It is developed on my spare time for my own usage, and finally I found this may useful for others.

With this application I know

How many steps per day?
Do I reach my target 10,000 steps per day?
Notify if no movement for 30 minutes.
Show statistics per year/per month/per day.
BMI tracking
Tracking calories burned
Height/Weight tracking for baby
It consume some battery, as it need keep the phone running all the time. Normally I have to recharge phone everyday. But I believe it worth.

Have fun!.