Fit As(donate)

運動 | 2019年9月20日 金曜日

iconFit As (donate)

開発: HypEarth
価格: ¥360
リリース: 2019年8月13日



合計: 25 件


This simple utility was developed to easily record short exercise breaks at work where personal electronic devices or fitness trackers are not permitted.

Regular breaks from desk-work are essential for maintaining peak work performance as well as helping maintain physical and mental well-being.

Set workout speed and duration then touch a button allows the user to record an exercise walk.

Works most reliably for slower speed (e.g. 6 km/h) and shorter duration (e.g. 5 minutes)

*** This is archived version 1.36 of the app "Fit As" released on 01-08-2019. It was the most popular version of the app since first released on 25-12-2018 and will NEVER be updated!!! ***