( OFFTIME ) light – Track how much you use your phone & Digital Detox and unplug to focus

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icon( OFFTIME ) light – Track how much you use your phone & Digital Detox and unplug to focus

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** Unplug and Digital Detox, just enough. **

The award winning ( OFFTIME ) lets you monitor your smartphone usage in real time and take dedicated timeouts from the digital – alone and together with others. The app’s intuitive analytics make it easy to identify your habits and take action to change them.

— Introductory price: $2,99 (US) — SPECIAL: CURRENTLY FREE FOR EARLY ADOPTERS!

Find balance instead of giving in to digital distraction – start to unplug, take a digital detox and focus on your work, enjoy quality time with the people you care about, or simply find some peace of mind. As proven by science, with ( OFFTIME ) you can improve your wellbeing and productivity.

“Addicted to your smartphone? There’s an APP for that!” – Daily Mail (UK)

( OFFTIME ) has three components that support your digital balance and digital detox:
1. tracking and comparing your device usage
2. setting personal device usage goals and accessing tips & articles
3. pursuing alone or inviting others to OFFTIMEs (on iOS the flight/mute mode for now)

** Please note **
For monitoring your smartphone usage in real time and displaying your hotspots of usage ( OFFTIME ) needs to continuously use GPS/location data. Even though ( OFFTIME )'s GPS usage is optimized, continued use of GPS running in the background will decrease battery life.

( OFFTIME ) provides a daily overview and its alert functions give you instant feedback on your usage behavior. You can set and track personal goals and limit your device usage to ensure your personal work-life-tech balance and your healthy digital detox daily. Learn how much time you spend with your digital devices and get support to disconnect.

The app lets you understand your digital habits through insightful graphs and appealing visualizations of your smartphone usage, clustered by daily, weekly, monthly and total usage reports. Using “locations” you can find your usage hotspots. With the badge icon you can see conveniently your daily unlocks or collect your time offs.

The OFFTIME time-out feature supports you with taking breaks from your phone. You can take those OFFTIMEs individually – or invite friends, families or colleges to a share OFFTIME.

Once you opt-in to our new server comparison feature, you can easily see how your usage compares to that of other users each day.

Take back control and focus on what matters to you. Give your device some peace and reconnect with your loved ones.

Curious or concerned about the drivers of distraction and digital device addiction? ( OFFTIME ) also comes with “hints” – a growing series of English articles that offer useful information and practical advice for dealing with the pitfalls of hyperconnectivity.

Found a bug? Check the current status here: http://offtime.co/status