Quit smoking Buddy – Stop smoking coach Pro!

禁煙 | 2014年1月9日 木曜日

iconQuit smoking Buddy – Stop smoking coach Pro!

開発: 開発: sander van der graaff
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Even you can quit smoking! Why the Quit Smoking Buddy? That’s simple: Quit smoking Buddy is unique and it works! Our coach helps you through the difficult moments, with clear and practical tips. Share your achievement on Facebook and astonish those around you!

Check how long it’s been since your last cigarette, and share you results with friends on Facebook.


– Get up to 100 days of support from our coach.
– Choose the intensity of support from our coach.
– Achieve health goals.
– Accomplish achievements and add your own .
– Share your results on Facebook.
– Shows: How many days since you’ve quit.
– Shows: How much money you have saved.
– Shows: Amount of cigarettes not smoked.
– 100% Ad-free.


Why the Quit smoking Buddy actually works

There are lots of apps out there that claim to help you quit smoking; though these are very limited in their functions. They only keep up the amount of days you haven’t smoked, or how much money you have saved. They don’t stimulate you to actually stop smoking in an active way. Quit smoking Buddy does this differently. Besides showing these statistics, our coach will help you through the difficult moments: with practical and useful tips, the urge for a cigarette will decrease. These tips will be visible in the app, and optionally as a message on your screen. A life without smoking will become a realistic and reachable goal!