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開発: David Crane
価格: 無料
リリース: 2016年12月23日
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This app can help you see:

★ How long you’ve been smoke free
★ The money you’ve saved from not smoking
★ The number of cigarettes you’ve not smoked
★ How your health is improving

You can also:
★ Earn badges for your progress
★ Share your successes with your friends
★ Record your cravings in a diary
★ And more

Want help getting through Stoptober? Our missions are ideal! They’re proven to work and they last a month. Perfect.

This is the app that science built. Proven techniques to help you stop smoking are delivered in a beautifully clear and very human way. The calculator shows how much money you've saved and how many cigarettes you've not smoked, the calendar shows how long you’ve been smoke free and how much life you've regained, bars show how giving up smoking is improving your health, and a diary shows how your cravings for cigarettes are decreasing over time. Plus filling it out seems to help, even if you only use it to vent.

Filling it out also helps us, because this is the app that science is building. If you give us permission, we’ll use the information you give to learn how to help even more people stop smoking. As you know, quitting smoking is hard. But tens of thousands of people do it successfully each month (more in January and Stoptober). We want to know more about what works and what doesn’t and your data can help future quitters quit.

Here’s what we know so far. The science is pretty clear that nicotine replacement therapy helps people stop smoking. But it needs to be taken as directed (many people don’t complete the course) and that means it’s best if you get it from your doctor rather than the pharmacist. But don’t worry if you don’t want to use NRT, this is your quit, you do what works for you. The other golden rule about giving up smoking is to make your mantra ‘not one more puff’. Because one puff almost always leads to more and you’re soon back smoking again. It doesn’t seem to matter how much confidence you’ve got about quitting and nor does it matter if you plan your quit ahead or quit or the spur of the moment. The social support you get from programs such as Stoptober are helpful but what really seems important is getting a real understanding of how much progress you’ve made, all the benefits you gain from giving up smoking and all that you’d have to lose by starting smoking again. Giving you that is the core way this app hopes to keep you smoke free.

Electronic cigarettes
E-cigs seem to help lots of people. The ones that look like cigarettes seem less effective than ones you get from specialist vape shops. They also seem pretty safe, much safer than smoking cigarettes. However, until we've got long-term evidence it’s probably best to use them as a way to stop smoking, rather than a replacement for cigs.

The experiment
We’re running an on-going experiment that tests different things to help people give up smoking. Everyone gets all the features mentioned above, the calculator that shows how many cigarettes you've not smoked, the calendar that tells you how long you’ve been smoke free, the bars that show how your health has improved from giving up smoking.

Some people will get additional features. We can’t tell you what they are, partly because it might invalidate the experiment, partly because they change frequently. Don’t feel you’re missing out though. We don’t know if these things will help people stop smoking we just want to learn if they do. Don’t worry that they’ll want to make you smoke more either. We'd never try anything we thought might do that.

This is all voluntary and you can use the app without taking part in the experiment. Your data will be anonymous and you can delete it at any time. But we hope you take part because everyone who does will help the quitters who follow. So do yourself a favour by stopping smoking. And do your fellow smokers a favour by helping them understand how it’s done.