SleepCloud Backup

睡眠・リラクゼーション | 2013年10月12日 土曜日

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開発: Urbandroid Team
価格: ¥199
リリース: 2014年4月28日
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This is an add-on for Sleep as Android to allow backup of sleep graphs to cloud services: SleepCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive. This add-on does not work without Sleep as Android being installed.

SleepCloud is a new cloud service specifically designed for sleep data and for Sleep as Android. It features:
– 2 way synchronization of sleep data between your devices
– full backup of sleep graphs
– sleep data in your browser
– graph list, heatmaps, statistics online
– comparison of sleep habits around the world by country

-Automatic upload of new sleep graphs after tracking
-Graphs->Umbrella icon->Download/Upload to Cloud
-Synchronization between multiple devices
-Automatic backup to SD card
-New installation of Sleep as Android can be quickly loaded with your sleep graphs from the Cloud