Relaxing Soundscape Sleep Demo

睡眠・リラクゼーション | 2016年10月27日 木曜日

icon Relaxing Soundscape Sleep Demo

開発: DarekDoesStuff
価格: 無料
リリース: 2016年9月28日
[健康&フィットネス ]



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Hi, my name is Darek. I'm a music composer and sound artist, and Relaxing Soundscape is my relaxing music composition application that I have created to help people who experience difficulty sleeping, difficulty falling or staying asleep, or who just can't disconnect from everyday tasks and thought, or not being able to relax or be at ease while at home or at work. This free demo version uses only 6 nature's relaxing sounds (20 and growing in Premium) and does not have the clock, alarm nor the timer function.

It can be used to get to sleep easier, prevent insomnia, relieve anxiety or stress by creating instant calming and soothing sound atmospheres.
It can be used as a meditation app that tracks the time for you in a non-intrusive way, making your breathing exercise, yoga or meditation more pleasing and effective.
It can stimulate creativity and focus during studies or while performing other creative thinking tasks.
You can use it to calm children before bed.
It can be used also as a simple and unique alarm clock to wake you up calmly and without disturbing.

Premium contains my relaxing music composition with the sound that I specially designed for tranquility, calm and sleep, plus 20 more relaxing sounds of nature that I have recorded myself. This number will grow in time as I travel and record even more out in the field. For now, you can listen to sound elements ranging from rain, brook, meadows, birds, through a waterfall, fire, sea and subtle susurrus of leaves in the forest. The relaxing sounds can be played in any combination to create any desired ambiance.

How to use it
Run the application. You may set the desired combination of nature's sleeping sounds and their volume as well. You can also play with the sound-orbs if you feel like you want to interact with the relaxing music. Set the overall volume of the device not too loud, to a level that does not disturb you (it's very important), then place your android device somewhere in the room to change it into serene space.
If you want to relax, I would recommend to lay down, close your eyes, breath slowly and deeply.

If you want to fall asleep, turn off or dim the lights in the room. I also recommend connecting android device to the charger first. Set the Relaxing Soundscape timer to 30 minutes and check it's "Auto quit on time out" option. Set desired combination of nature's sleeping sounds and their volume to a proper level. Play with the sound-orbs to interact with the relaxing music, then put the android device away, close your eyes, breath slowly and deeply, relax your body and start listening.
More ideas and tutorials on a link:

Why to use it and why you may find it better than other "relaxing" apps.
– interactive, relaxing music and never-ending sleeping sounds of nature,
– designed for tablet/phone's tiny speakers,
– works offline. No Internet or a network required,
– it is safe. No permissions needed, so you stay calm that your relaxation app does not want to access your phone, your pictures, files, your location or view your network connections.
– no limiting monthly paying plans. You pay just once, you pay less.
– ad free.

Premium features include:
– 20+ sleeping sounds of nature… and growing
– clock display option
– timer functions
– alarm function
– no limiting paying plan. You pay once, you pay less.
– you help me with its continues development, traveling, recording sleeping sounds of nature etc.

I created this app for my wife and myself. My friends and family started to use it as well.
Now I am sharing it with you, but I am not a doctor so I make no medical claims to the effect of my application. Information relating to health conditions are not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by your physician. However, I would love to hear from you how it worked for you.