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開発: SleepScore Labs
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As the world’s most advanced sleep improvement system, SleepScore Max gives you insight into the quality of your rest and personalized advice to make it better than ever. Completely non-contact, the device uses bio-motion sensors to measure your respiration and body movement, providing you with the most accurate sleep data available outside of a sleep lab. Through the SleepScore Max companion app, you can explore actionable steps to help improve your sleep, receive tailored recommendations for products and solutions, set individual goals, and much more.

– Shown to enhance your sleep quality in 1 week
– Provides personalized, science-based advice informed by the world’s top sleep experts
– Recommends validated sleep solutions
– Features highly advanced and precise SleepScore by ResMed technology
– Delivers a comprehensive sleep report to share with your doctor
– Compares your nightly rest to an ideal night for people your age and gender

Patented Technology:
Features the highly advanced and precise SleepScore by ResMed™ technology, validated in academic and clinical studies

Non-Contact Sensors:
Bio-motion sensors measure respiration and body movement to accurately quantify your sleep

Sleeping Environment:
Your bedroom environment is measured for temperature and light quality

Sleep Guide:
Provides personalized, science-based advice to help you improve your sleep

Product Solutions:
Recommends sleep products and solutions that are tailored to your sleep profile and validated by SleepScore Labs

Smart Alarm:
Designed to gently wake you at the ideal time in your sleep cycle, so you rise feeling rested and ready for the day

SleepScore Breakdown:
Compare your nightly sleep to an ideal night for your age and gender

Sleep Report for your Doctor:
Receive a comprehensive sleep report to share with your doctor

Goal Setting:
Set your sleep goals and track weekly progress towards your best night’s sleep

Clear Results:
App syncs seamlessly with your smartphone device via Bluetooth®

Our app integrates with the Apple Health app to add your sleep data and read your activities, such as exercise. On supported devices, SleepScore reads data from the Health App with your permission to update your activities during the day to provide more personalized advice. SleepScore also writes sleep data to the Health app with permission.

*Requires purchase of SleepScore Max to use companion app

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