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開発: SnoreCare KMS
価格: ¥390
リリース: 2019年6月3日



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With this App you will get an overview about how often and how intensive you are snoring. This App selects uniquely only snoring for recording.

The app is now compatible up to android Version 9.

Using a scientifically-developed detection algorithm, snoring sounds are clearly distinguished from other ambient sounds, resulting in as accurate a snoring detection result as possible.

The recognition algorithm was created on the basis of scientific findings and tests of snoring audio signals based on various parameters such as fundamental frequency, snoring periodicity, voicing, volume (sound pressure level) and various other snoring signal features.

Through continuous testing with snoring from the sleep laboratory of a renowned German ENT clinic, this algorithm is constantly being verified and further improved. The Snore algorithm was developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Information Technology of the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim and since then has been constantly redeveloped and improved in recent years.

Snoring not only affects the sleep of you and your partner, it can also be related to health problems, such as those associated with respiratory distress (sleep apnea).

SnoreApp shows you the snoring behavior as well as the volume and the exact time of occurrence. Operation is intuitive and simple, so you can start measuring immediately.

Of course, the Snore app is ad-free and with no hidden costs.

All functions at a glance:

• Acoustic analysis of the audio signal for snoring sounds

• Real-time display of detected snore events

• Manually adjustable start delay of recording for the sleep process

• Automatically stop the analysis after 9 hours of sleep, so you will not unnecessarily
waste battery energy

• Detailed display in a bar graph with timestamp, snoring repetitions, loudness of snoring with pressure level display

• Copy function for the list

• Store and clear the results for any number of measurements

• Weekly summaries

Also, test the effectiveness of snoring prevention methods used and review how your snoring behavior develops over many nights.