Gray’s Anatomy 2011

解剖学 | 2013年6月18日 火曜日

iconGray’s Anatomy 2011

開発: 開発: USBMIS, Inc
価格: ¥300
リリース: 更新: 2010年9月20日



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The original Gray’s Anatomy reference with all 1,247 figures is now included as a FREE update to Gray’s Anatomy 2011. For new users, the price of the app will not change. We have also included some navigational enhancements to help users get to figures faster, and browse the original Gray’s content quickly.

We’ve really appreciated the feedback and encouragement. If you keep encouraging us, we’ll keep making this app better at no extra cost. Spread the word!

Gray’s Anatomy 2011 offers highly detailed anatomy images in the palm of your hand. Organized by a board certified surgeon and university professor, Gray’s Anatomy 2011 is a true representation of how anatomy is taught in medical school. With hundreds of figures, this comprehensive and quick reference is a must have tool for any student of anatomy or any professional who needs the occasional reminder.

– Navigate by Table of Contents, Regions, Figure Index, Anatomy Man, or search the complete index
– Expandable fine detailed images
– Free periodic updates
– Themed anatomy man will be made available
– OS4 compatible
– iPad tested

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