Brain MRI Sectional Walker

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iconBrain MRI Sectional Walker

開発: 開発: Ryo Matsuda
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This app is in English.
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This is the Ultimate Solution for Human Anatomy in CT / MRI Cross-Section! This enables you to find out terminology by pointing an anatomical area with finger cursor. By clicking a word from Index, you can highlight a location of the anatomy in every picture. It displays brain territories, detailed anatomies as well as major anatomies simultaneously, which contains 22 slices of MRI pictures and 150 terminologies with both T1-weighted and T2-weighted images. As you shift image slices, you will be able to realize a vivid image of comprehensive anatomy and gain an excellent understanding of anatomy. Enjoy learning anatomies with this powerful tool! Find out how a single anatomy appears on each picture! We guarantee that not only learners but also physicians, medical workers, researchers and educators will find out the ease of use!
This is an Ultimate app of interactive CT/MRI atlas!

Find out how beautifully it works on Youtube Video!

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