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iconRF Human Anatomy Atlas

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The RF Anatomy Atlas is the world’s first social anatomy atlas application. From now on, learning anatomy is no longer an isolated experience; users can support each other and help each other while studying anatomy. Create your own profile and add your friends and your fellow med students! Take your own notes at each and every image and share it with your friends. If you have a question, just ask our community of med students from all around the world in the Chat section. Our system is now completely cloud based as we wanted to make sure that you have access to all the material no matter how much space you have on your device. Of course, we realise that you don’t have internet access everywhere, so you are able to save the pictures for offline learning. This way, you can study on the go! You can try our premium package completely FREE IN JUNE! The heart of our app are the spectacular, high-res images with incredible detail.
The aim of this new human anatomy atlas is to introduce the human body as detailed as possible, while providing adequate help to medical students to acquire anatomic skills and pass the anatomy exam. The pictures illustrate the structures of the human body spectacularly and in an easy-to-separate way. It contains both the Latin and the English terminology. A searching function helps easy orientation. New thematic picture packages and extra functions will be integrated regularly. We hope it will provide assistance to everyone in the field of anatomy.

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