Dental Education – by Oral-B

歯科 | 2015年8月25日 火曜日

iconDental Education – by Oral-B

開発: 開発: Imran Khan
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The Oral-B dental education app is an animation based app for dental professionals to educate their patients about dental anatomy and oral conditions.

This App contains detailed explanations of the anatomy of the mouth and teeth including the different types of teeth in children and adults. These animations are narrated and include subtitles to make the patient experience more memorable.

The App also details the major oral conditions: plaque, cavities, tartar, gum disease, sensitivity, erosion, staining and bad breath. Dental professionals can use this to educate patients on the causes and progression of the various dental diseases to help patients understand the need for improved oral hygiene. Information about Implant Dentistry, Tooth Whitening and various Dental Specialties is also available in the app.

The App can also be used to educate patients on how oral hygiene products can help them maintain good oral health.