Dental Appointment Manager – Schedule Appointments

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iconDental Appointment Manager – Schedule Appointments

開発: Pocket Apps Canada Inc.
価格: ¥1,200
リリース: 2017年8月25日



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All professional, well-run dental offices provide their patients with exceptional quality and an organized, prompt, and caring atmosphere. You've already established that in your successful business — we're just here to make it run even better.

Most software applications of this calibre run hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. We're here to utilize the power of the iPhone/iPad to bring to you a complete package at an affordable price.

If your office would like an easier, more portable way to keep complete control over your patient information and appointments, then Dental Appointment Manager has all the features you need:

• easily add providers (dentists, hygienists, etc) or patients
• import your providers/patients straight from your address book
– no time wasted in adding names one at a time
• easily add new providers/patients if they don't appear in your address book
• add all relevant information
– name
– picture
– address
– cell / home / work phone numbers
– email
• call / text / email providers/patients directly within the app
• view each provider's/patient's upcoming and past appointments

• add all the services your office offers
– check-ups
– polishing
– flouride
– x-rays
– braces
– filings
– root canals
– etc.
• customize each service
– price
– tax percentage
– duration
– descriptive instructions

• easily book appointments in three different views
– daily view
– weekly view
– monthly view
• simply tap on an empty time slot to add a new appointment or tap an appointment to edit
• color code each appointment block to match a particular provider
• filter the calendar view for a specific dentist/hygienist or view all at once
• quickly look up information in a calendar block
– client's name
– provider's name
– chair number
– services required
– price to charge
• add multiple services to each appointment if required. (i.e. polishing+flouride+x-rays)

• view beautiful reports to track your profits
– daily report
– monthly report
– quarterly report
– yearly report
• choose any day to start a report on
• all currencies throughout the app will automatically use your country's local currency
• email the reports

• email or text your patients who have an upcoming appointment
• email or text your providers a schedule of their upcoming day's appointments
• send a broadcast email or text to all of your patients

• back up your data to iCloud
• sync across multiple devices

• compatible with iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad / iPad Mini

An organized dental office runs more smoothly, leaves customers feeling happy, and allows them to spread the word around to their friends to attract more business. We would be honored to help you achieve all of that.