QTc ECG Calculator

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iconQTc ECG Calculator

開発: androstorehouse
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リリース: 2013年6月15日
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QTc ECG Calculator application can be used to calculate the Corrected QT (QTc) interval based on Bazett's formula. This app generates a QTc report which includes the Corrected QT Interval, Inference and Patient details. By clicking on the Share report button users can share or print the QTc report using SMS, Email or Print apps available and configured on the user's device.

The Inference provided by the app is based on the following criteria:

Normal QTc
Males : Below 431 msec
Females : Below 451 msec
Children : Below 441 msec

Borderline QTc
Males : 431 – 450 msec
Females : 451 – 470 msec
Children : 441 – 460 msec

Prolonged QTc
Males : Above 450 msec
Females : Above 470 msec
Children : Above 460 msec

Detecting prolongation of QT interval is important for the identification of individuals at risk of life threatening arrhythmia.

This application has been verified and tested by a group of medical practitioners in UK.